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Building Brands: Enjoy (Video)

A pilot for a micro-documentary web series called ‘Legacy’ that takes you behind tech and startup brands. The video discusses past, current, and future of a start-up called Enjoy.

Tools: Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC


Interview Questions
  • What defines and tell the brands story?
  • How does a brand evolve as the company expands?
  • Does a brand help when making key decisions?
  • How has the brand changed since creation?
  • How do you expect the brand to evolve in the next 5- 10 years?
  • How important is a brand to create legacy?
  • How did you go about defining the brand?
  • Did you design the brand to evolve?
  • Any example so how the brand helps guide design decisions?
  • How do you see the brand in 5-10 years?
Shot List
  • Establishing Shot of office // VWS (very wide)
  • Brand designs ( logo, posters, sketches, website screen grabs, etc.) // CA (cut away)
  • Interview shot // MCU (medium close up)
  • Interview shot // CI (cut in)
  • Interview shot // (medium close up)
  • Team working on project // MCU (medium close up)
Screen Caps

Here are screenshots of the final video going through a few scenes.