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Let's Meet App (UX)

Planning a weekend get together with longtime friends who all live in different places can be a real pain. An app that can help coordinate a reunion with a small group of friends and help the group decide where and when this reunion could take place.

Assumptions: User and friends have joined app and have access to an iOS device.



Using our app users can create new event suggestions. They can choose an event name, description, date range, confirmation deadline, location, and add users to the event. The event is then sent out for the group to approve, decline, or suggest a change in location or date range. The groups can approve, decline, or suggest changes. An event needs at least two approvals before the confirmation deadline to be created.

App Features
      1. Event Creation & Management
    • Suggest Events, Event Status Tracker, Event Calendar, Event Map, Group Messages
      2. Confirm Based On Availability
    • After an event is suggested, the group has until the deadline to accept, decline, or suggest a change in location or date to resubmit for group approval.
      3. Notifications
    • Users get notifications when another user in the event group approves, declines, suggests a change, or sends a group.
      4. Apple Watch Support
    • Quick Confirm/Decline Events, Upcoming Events, Group Chat, Notifications
      5. Alexa Voice Skills Integration
    • • Get a readout on event status, upcoming events. Quick Confirm/Decline Events & check new group messages
User Flows
Use Flow One

Create a new event suggestion and send an invite to a group of friends for confirmation.

Use Flow Two

Suggest a change to the location and send it for group approval.

Mockups & Alexa Voice
iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, & Alexa Voice