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Making It: Diana (Video)

A pilot for a micro-documentary web series called ‘Making It’. Story and journey are shared to help inspire others and show the process people take on their own personal journey to make it in their field of choice.

Tools: Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC


Project Timeline
    Pre-production Meeting
  • A 30min meeting to discuss filming timeline, shooting times, and locations.
    Scenes & Locations
  • Shoot 3 scenes per episode based on the discussion during per-production meeting.
    Week 1
  • Preproduction meeting, establish schedule and shot location.
    Week 2
  • Shoot 3 scenes, 8 hour shoot.
    Week 3
  • Possible re-shoot, b-roll, and/or voiceover.
Shot List
  • Wide - Establishing Shot of kitchen getting day started
  • Close Up - sipping tea
  • Interview shot in yoga studio // MCU (medium close up)
  • Interview shot // CI (cut in)
  • Yoga Class B-Roll
  • Entering yoga studio
Screen Caps

Here are screenshots of the final video going through a few scenes.