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Tesla Semi Fleet UX

A Tesla Truck Monitoring and Logistics Web and Mobile based application to keep track of the Tesla Trucks, their drivers, their cargo (manifests), the trip, and their destinations.

The Tesla Truck is a tech-heavy, all-electric truck that is going to impact the logistics and transpiration industries as they move more toward automation.


Target Audiences

    Primary Audience

  • Transportation company workers and managers (truck owners + individual or company/dispatchers)

    Secondary Audience

  • Drivers of Tesla Trucks

    Ancillary Audience

  • The Business Partners (businesses) that rely on truck shipments (for example: Target stores)
Use Cases
I broke down the into two use cases for two diffrent touch points of managing the feet and reciving at a location:
Use Case One

Transportation Company Worker would like to see on a map their fleet of 25 Tesla Trucks (from a Dashboard). The worker sees that there is a truck that has a delayed ETA (estimated time of arrival) due to traffic in Los Angeles. The worker would then like to click on and view the status of delayed truck that is in-transit by clicking on the truck and pulling up a separate window or modal with the information from the truck.

1. User is presented with the live map view and the indicator plays.

2. User is presented with a pop up module that displays the delayed time with options to get more info, reroute, or radio the driver.

Use Case Two

Shipping Receiver at Target would like to receive a notification that there will be a delivery delay because their truck is stuck in traffic in LA. The Receiver can tap on the notification link, and then view the truck’s status, new estimated ETA and communicate with the driver or dispatcher (company who owns the truck) by calling them or sending them a message (this communication could be a chat-bot).

1. User receives text notification with web app link. User taps link.

2. User is taken to a site with the option to call or message the driver. User taps ‘Message Driver’.

3. User sends a message to driver chat-bot.

4.Driver responds.

Micro Interacrions

Delay Indicator

When a delay is presented on the screen it changed from a circle to a diamond to signify there is information available to dig up.

Quick Glance

The quick glance view will show delays in the filtered list or drivers. It will go left to right like a marquee banner and flash twice the delayed time (ex. 14 min) and then the delay banner will continues to marquee.

Usability Test Changes

Map Delay Card

I made changes to the background and moved the time to be with the delay line. I also enlarged the delay time and reduced the ETA time.

Quick Glance Delay Indicator

I resized the 'Delay Indicator’ in the left tab for better visibility and to indicate it is tappable.