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wePlan App (UX)

A product that allows a person to create and plan for an event. Users are able to not only share invites for the event, but share the workload by assigning tasks and creating shopping lists for themselves or other users.

Assumptions: User and friends have joined app and have access to an iOS device. They have previously agreed to give the app access to friends list, facebook, and location services.


App Features
    1. Event Creation & Management
  • Event creation, add location, add start/end date and time, add notes, add tasks, and guests.
    2. Task Management
  • Users get notifications when another user create an event. They are able to assign tasks to separate users for the event.
    3. Quick Glance Home Screen
  • Home screen shows open tasks assigned the user for quick access.
    4. Facebook & Messenger
  • By signing in with Facebook during on-boarding, the app sends invites users friends and with Messenger personal messaging.
    5. Alexa Voice Skill
  • Get a readout on event open and closed tasks & ask of status on new tasks assigned to user.
Preliminary Research
I broke down the process for the quiz animations, creating values, updateing, and calculating based on the answers values ranked by most chosen. Below are Javascript/Jquery code samples that will help visualize those steps.
Target Audiences
    Primary Users
  • Tech savy, social media users with smart phones they use to manage their life.
    Secondary Users
  • Freelance artists and planners.
User Personas
  • 36 Years old, women, married with three young kids.
  • Socially concise and volunteers at children’s schools.
  • Loves to plan events.
  • iOS and Mac user.
  • 26 Year old, male, single.
  • Works in Human Resources.
  • Doesn’t own a computer, is somewhat tech savy.
  • iOS user.
Use Cases
    Use Case One: Event Creation

    User would like to create a birthday party even for their child. The even not only includes a location, date and time, but task for decorations, a list of guests.

    Use Case Two: Task Management

    A user has been tasked with completing a task for an wedding event created by another User (they have too book a DJ to play at a wedding reception). Once they book a DJ, they need to update their event task with information (confirmation numbers, pictures, and contact information).

Identified Design Framework
    iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  • Event creation, add location, add start/end date and time, add notes, add tasks, and guests.
  • Icons were created for start/end dates, tasks, and guests.
User Flows
I broke down the into two use cases for two diffrent touch points of managing the feet and reciving at a location:
Use Flow One

Create a new event, assign a task, and send an invite to a group.

1. Home Screen - User taps on ‘New Event’ on top right to start a new event

2. New Event Scree slides up with keyboard to type name of event.

3. User taps to select location.

4. User searches for location and selects from the list.

5. User taps to select start date/time.

6. User taps on “add” under tasks to add task.

7. User selects decorations from list of tasks.

8. User selects name to assign task to that person.

9. User taps send invite to create and send event.

Use Flow Two

Complete task assigned to user by adding in DJ confirmation & contact information.

1. Home Screen - User taps on open task for ‘DJ for Wedding Reception’.

2. User taps on ‘confirmation number’ field to enter the content.

3. User types Content into confirmation.

4. User taps on ‘Contact Info’ field to add content.

5. User entered contact info into fields.

6. User selects done once they have added all the info they would like.

7. User taps ‘Done’ to save information for the task.

Usability Tests Summary
    1. Ethan
  • Completed Task - 2 min and 54 seconds
  • Issues with adding tasks in new event.
  • “I kept tapping tasks and didn’t know I was ready to add them”
    2. Britnee
  • Completed Task - 2 min and 28 seconds
  • No issues with completing tasks. Enjoys location search flow.
    3. Joey
  • Completed Task - 3 min and 7 seconds
  • Had issue with finding where to press to send the new event.
  • “Don't know how to maneuver”
Iterations Based On Tests

1. Layout for Tasks & Guests

2. Send Invite Button Revision